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   Calendar of important dates and events for 2017


January 21:    Board of Directors meeting 8 am.

February 1:    First day Buoy applications will be accepted for

                       first half season or second half season. (ONLY)

March 31:      Last day for above buoy applications to be accepted.  

                      Notice to all buoy applicants: Your LTPA annual assessment needs to be paid

                      in full to be considered for a buoy.

March 31:      Annual Assessment must be received today to avoid a late fee.

April 1:          Buoy application drawing at the park. 10:00AM  (ONLY IF NEEDED)

April 2:           First day for Kayak, Canoe  and Paddleboard storage applications.

                      (No Applications will be considered that come in before this date.)

April 29:        Board of Directors Meeting at 8 am.

May 1:           Final date for receiving assessment and late fee before keys are deactivated.

May 5:           First day for eligible Weddings & Large parties.

May 19:         Management meeting for 2016 season.

May 20:         First day to submit “WEEKLY BUOY RENTALS” applications.

May 20:         Kayak/Canoe storage open for use by accepted applicants only.

May 26:         First day for boats to use our buoy field.

June 9:           First day for some of our gate & pier staff.

June 25:         Last day for Spring Weddings & Large parties.

June 30:         Board of Directors meeting 4:00 pm at the park.

July 1:           Annual membership meeting and party at the park.

July 30:         All 1st half boats must be removed by 11:00 AM.

August 4:      First day for second half season boats to go on buoys.

September     (date not decided)*:Board of Directors meeting 3:00 pm at the park.

September 8: Fall wedding and large party season begins.

October 8:     Buoy field closes. (All boats MUST be off their buoy.)

November 1: Gate lock is removed and dogs allowed (please clean up after your pet)

November 5: ALL Kayaks, Canoes, and Dinghies must be removed from the park property. (Sooner if

                      snow conditions dictate.)

November 11:Last day for remaining support and on site management staff.  (Depending on the weather

                       conditions.)  All park facilities will be closed and winterizedbased on the weather at that


Please check our website at: www.laketahoeparkassociation.com for more complete information and

visit the first page “Hot news” for the latest in park news.

*Dates might change

**Time might change