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Welcome to Lake Tahoe Park Association 

LTPA HOT NEWS: Check here regularly for valuable news that may affect the park, your membership, and your use of the facilities.


 2021 Lake Tahoe Park Policy The Lake Tahoe Park Association Board met yesterday to determine the policy for the Park this 2021 season. The policy is predicated on the state’s intention to open most areas as of June 15th based on the progress in fighting the pandemic. With that in mind we are scaling back some restrictions imposed in 2020. Here are the essential elements of the policy: 1. The maximum capacity of the Park will be set to 350 people. This compares to 250 people allowed last year. As with last year, the staff will manage the entry of people on the busy days to limit the Park population. 2. The maximum number of guests allowed for a member is raised to 8 people (from 6 in 2020). 3. Picnic tables will again be available for reservations as had been in place prior to 2020. 4. Charcoal barbeques (which are disallowed by the Fire Department due to fire danger) will be replaced by either propane grills or tabletops (where members would provide their own barbeque). More details on this will follow, but the goal is to provide an alternative to the charcoal units. 5. The Park will be closed to guests and renters on July 3 until 2:00 p.m. in consideration for members and their families to attend the Annual Membership Meeting and lunch. Consideration this year less toward pandemic restrictions and more in line with fire danger restrictions and the impending drought (lower lake level). We ask your understanding as we try to balance your enjoyment of the Park with any constraints posed by our environment. We look forward to seeing you at the Park this summer! On behalf of the Lake Tahoe Park Association Board, John Taylor

Please email the association:    [email protected] with any questions.

The Lake Tahoe Park Association is an organization created to protect and support the property located at 1700 Sequoia Avenue in Tahoe Park.

The Association consists of the property owners' located in the one square mile known as Section 13, T-15N R-16E, of the Mount Diablo Base and Meridian. When property is purchased in this area, an appurtenant interest is acquired. When property is sold, this interest transfers to the new owner. Membership is only available to property owners and cannot be purchased separately.

The Annual Membership Meeting is held on the first Saturday of July at 11:00 am.  The meeting is held at the Tahoe Park Beach, 1700 Sequoia Avenue Tahoe City, CA.